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Design Build Process

The following is the sequential process that takes you through the necessary steps to have a successful design/build experience.

Initial Consultation: The objective of our initial consultation is to determine your needs, wants, and style. A questionnaire for new customers enables us to understand more about you and the new home you will be building. We analyze your budget and your ideas to see if they coincide. We offer suggestions based upon your input to help move things toward your scheduled goal.

Site Inspection: If you have a building site already secured, we can meet on the land to determine orientation, elevations, views, access, and utility accessibility.

Preliminary Drawings: At this point, we will enter into a design agreement and begin drafting preliminary floor plans and elevations to get your ideas on paper. This portion of the design phase will take approximately 4-6 weeks.

Preliminary Estimate: From the floor plan and elevations together with your input, we can now arrive at a reasonably accurate preliminary estimate on the cost of building your new home. It will be about three to four weeks for the preparation of the estimate once you have approved the preliminary floor plan and elevations.

Final Plan Design: From the preliminary floor plan and elevations, we now draw complete plans with the specifications required for permitting, for all phases of construction. During this time, we work closely with you to refine your specific choices which personalize your house. These choices include size, type, and location of plumbing and electrical fixtures, windows and doors, interior and exterior finishes, cabinetry, woodwork, trim, etc. Coordinating desires and budgets is very important at this stage, and our expertise will guide you through this process. At this time your final estimated costs are known and documented.

Construction Agreement: We now have arrived at the drafting of the construction agreement and the commencement of construction. This is the agreement you can take to your lending institution for financing. It includes the detailed plans and specifications, payment and allowance schedules, and provisions to protect both parties. Bear in mind that changes can still be made during the building phase; and while the above processes are designed to eliminate this necessity wherever possible, we do understand that changes are sometimes unavoidable.

Ground Breaking: The moment has arrived for the ground breaking of your new home! Relax and let our staff make your dreams a reality.